All School Play to be staged April 22

All School Play to be staged April 22 by Bethany Parvin Mineola is a small town located "somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the South" in Faith County. On April 22 Wakonda's small gym will become this small town in Faith County. This will be the 2004 all-school play.

One will get a taste of nine memorable characters' lives in this small town. You will be at the Faith County Fairgrounds in Mineola. This is a place where beehive hairdos are still the rage and Saturday nights are reserved for the tractor pull in a nearby town.

Mildred Carson, played by Bethany Parvin, is the 50ish busybody of Mineola who makes everyone else's business her business and doesn't mind telling you exactly what you should do, and when you should do it, and who you should do it with.

Faye McFaye, a.k.a. Courtney Nelson, is in her late 20s. She is a flirty young woman and has a bad reputation. She spends most of her time writing bad poetry, and obsessing over Delbert.

Delbert Fink, played by Alex Nielsen, is the local pig farmer and the recent object of Faye's affections, a feeling which he doesn't return.

Ruthann Barns, a.k.a. Adrienne Logue, is in her 40s, the local pastor's wife and the local Moral Majority Leader

Naomi Farkle, played by Emily Logue, owns the Bee-Luv-Lee Beauty Salon and is the local ceramics expert. She's Mildred's best friend but also her worst enemy. She is in love with Luther Carson.

Luther Carson, a.k.a. Andy Jensen, is in his 40s and the owner of Luther's Lube and Tune. He's Mildred's cousin.

Violet Farkle, played by Jessica Peterson, is in her mid 20s, is everyone's favorite and is the only one with sense. She has a bun in the oven.

Gladys Pimbleton � a.k.a. Emma Jensen, 50ish, is the mayor's wife who usually has a tad bit too much to drink.

Bubba Bedford, played by Patrick Morrison, is in his late 20s; you could say he was the "village idiot" of our little town. He works at Bubba's Gas 'n Go and always manages to look like he crawled out from under a car.

The play, Faith County, is written by Mark Landon Smith. Wakonda's play director is Sarah Loebr, originally from Delaware.

Loebr is a theater arts major at The University of South Dakota.

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