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Could it be? Spring in the air?! Tuesday, Feb. 24, six silly, Senior Center citizens had such a good time visiting and playing Mexican Train Dominoes. Five serious, Senior Center Citizens, also enjoyed the afternoon playing Mexican Train Dominoes. Come on aboard, there's plenty of room for more players Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 p.m. On Thursday, Feb. 26, Mexican Train Domino players numbered 15. At table #1 Opal and Karin tied with 436 high points. Louie came in with 239 low points. At table #2 Maxine and Verle almost had the same high point count and Mary had 223 low. At table #3, Marlene had high score and Nila had low. The chicken foot domino game is gaining momentum, too! Haraldson discusses news with Rotary Tena Haraldson, bureau chief of the Associated Press, told the Vermillion Rotary Club Tuesday that news organizations constantly must weigh the costs of gathering news versus the profit that can be made from it. And, she said, there's no right answer to that dilemma. "Purists may insist on finding and telling all of the bad news we can possibly get our hands on," she said. "But others will argue that nobody will read a steady diet of "gotcha" journalism � and ultimately if we drive readers away and the publication folds, we aren't upholding the public trust anyway." Haraldson said editors and broadcasters must be a part of their community. "I don't think a journalist can pretend to know the needs and interests of his readers if he refrains from all community activities," she said. Haraldson noted, however, that journalists should maintain an objective distance from the issues he or she covers. "Vote in the election, but don't campaign for one candidate or the other," Haraldson said. "You may own your home, but don't speculate on land where the next Interstate exchange will be built." Honesty, integrity and fairness are the most important qualities a journalist can have, she said. Discretion and judgement are important, too. "But without objectivity and a reputation for fairness, you won't be able to function," she said. "Your coverage should present a balanced view of the community at large � not all good, not all bad. Your stories should make people think about old issues in a new way � or recognize issues for the first time that weren't visible before."

Catholic Daughters celebrate Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras festivities were celebrated by St. Agnes Court, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Feb. 21 at the St. Agnes School Auditorium. Berwyn Svoboda, 2003 king, crowned the new king, Jere Chapman, for 2004. Lucille O'Connor, the 2003 queen, placed the crown on the new queen, Darlene Niles, Moville, IA. Kenny Carlow's Band of Bloomfield, NE, provided the music for the evening. Several door prizes were awarded during the evening's entertainment, with Donna Dee Peterson winning the night at the Comfort Inn. Maria Heimstra was the recipient of the centennial print. Delores Gregg and her committee served a bountiful lunch at the close of the evening. Congratulations to King Jere Chapman and Queen Darlene Niles.

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