Community Club holds March meeting

Community Club holds March meeting The Wakonda Community Club held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 3. It was a noon luncheon meeting at the Senior Citizen's building.

There were several reportsgiven. Members present expressed their appreciation to Larry Johnke, superintendent of the Wakonda School, for the very good academic reports that have been noted in recent newspaper articles.�

In addition, the excellent record of the girls' basketball team was recognized. The district championsip trophy was on display.�

In some later discussion relative to academic accomplishment, the suggestion was made to somehow honor the individual or class that was doing the best in making�improvements in their academic work.

Nursing home personnel were present and advised the group about two upcoming events.�The local Spring Fling at the Manor will be held on April 18.�

The 25th anniversary for the Manor will be recognized June 13-19.

Also, the 25th Manor anniversary cookbooks, which contain the 25 years of history of the facility, are now on sale at the Manor.

Several other important agenda items included the club fund raiser set for Saturday, April 10. This is the major fund raiser for the year. In years gone by this was held on or near St Patrick's Day. It is a day of major importance to the club as the finances raised that day go a long way in funding the projects and activities the club promotes and supports.

There will be special emphasis placed on membership the rest of this month as it is anticipated the new brochure will be printed early next month.�

If you haven't joined as yet please know that your help and support is needed and will be appreciated.�Individual dues are $5 and may be paid at the bank or to any of the officers.

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