Dahlin will retire as USD vice president

Dahlin will retire as USD vice president Dr. Donald C. Dahlin The University of South Dakota has announced that Dr. Donald C. Dahlin will retire from his position as vice president for academic affairs. Dahlin will return to the Department of Political Science at USD where he will teach American Government and Constitutional Law on a part-time basis.

Dahlin said that the move will allow him to retire from the full-time hectic schedule in administration and return to teaching.

"I'm excited about getting to work with students again," said Dahlin. "It's a wonderful opportunity for me to retire and return on a half-time basis to what I love, and that's teaching."

University of South Dakota President James W. Abbott said that USD benefited greatly from Dahlin's service.

"As a new president without academic experience, I was extremely fortunate to have been the beneficiary of Don Dahlin's wisdom and expertise. Although Don will be greatly missed in Slagle Hall, we are delighted that he is returning to the classroom."

Much was accomplished in Dahlin's nearly seven years as vice president for academic affairs. Two particularly noteworthy accomplishments are the progress made on a strategic plan and the implementation of the First Year Experience and IdEA programs.

"We developed a good process and a good plan that we've been busy implementing," said Dahlin. "The strategic plan isn't sitting on a shelf gathering dust � it's driving decisions here at the university."

While the successes have been many, Dr. Dahlin is quick to point out that he didn't accomplish them alone.

"You don't do these things by yourself," he said. "I was fortunate to be a part of President Abbott's administration during a time when a lot of progress was made at the university. If I have one regret it's that I won't continue to be a part of that progress in the years to come."

Dahlin has been vice president for academic affairs at USD since 1997. He has also served at the university as acting president, chair of the Department of Political Science and director of the Criminal Justice Studies Program.

He graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in history (1963) from Carroll College, Waukesha, WI, and earned a Ph.D. in government (1969) from the Claremont (CA) Graduate School.

He has served as a fellow for the Institute for Court Management in Denver, CO, and as secretary of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.

A search committee has been formed to find a replacement at academic affairs and is headed by Barry Vickrey, dean of the USD School of Law. They expect to have a decision made by June 30, Dahlin's final day of work in the office.

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