Mediacom Internet speed improved here

Mediacom Internet speed improved here Mediacom Communications has doubled the download and upload speeds for residential customers of Mediacom Online high-speed Internet service in virtually all of its markets ahead of schedule, including the Vermillion and Yankton areas.

The new maximum 3Mbps download and 256Kbps upload speeds (up from 1.5Mbps and 128Kbps, respectively) were previously scheduled for full deployment in all markets by May 31.

"Mediacom's high-speed Internet residential customers can now experience the new faster speeds by simply logging on to the Internet and starting their session," said Bill Jensen, Mediacom's regional vice president of operations. "The new speeds provide benefits such as faster surfing, execution of online transactions and transmission of large files, as well as more responsive online gaming. "Judging by the positive response from our customers, Mediacom's early completion of doubling residential Internet speeds is a definite home run." he said.

"Doubling the speeds for residential customers of our high-speed Internet service is just one of the many improvements resulting from our newly completed fiber network upgrade. These speed enhancements demonstrate one of the advantages Mediacom provides our customers over satellite, dial-up and DSL," said Ron Albritton, Mediacom's customer operations manager.

The Mediacom Online package includes an authorized cable modem, six e-mail accounts and MyMediacom, a community website providing local information ranging from weather and news to television listings, as well as national news and financial data.

At MyMediacom, users can interact with others at the site through online message boards and chat rooms. Mediacom also provides 10MB of web space for personal Web sites at no additional charge.

Mediacom's high-speed cable connection provides quick and reliable Internet access without the need for an additional phone line. The cable modem can be leased so subscribers do not need to purchase additional equipment. Mediacom provides local professional installation service and assistance by telephone on a 24/7 basis. The service comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Mediacom Communications Corporation is the nation's eighth largest cable television company and the leading cable operator focused on serving the smaller cities and towns in the United States. The company's cable systems pass approximately 2.74 million homes and serve about 1.55 million basic subscribers in 23 states.

Mediacom Communications offers a wide array of broadband products and services, including traditional video services, digital television, high-speed Internet access, video-on-demand and high-definition television. More information about Mediacom Communications can be accessed on the Internet at:, or to become a Mediacom Communications subscriber call 1-800-800-CABLE.

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