New WIC program income guidelines released

New WIC program income guidelines released New income guidelines have been released for the WIC Program. If your family income does not exceed the following amounts for the size of your family, you could income qualify for WIC:

WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program, funded by the US Department of Agriculture, provided at no cost to eligible moms, babies and children. Its goal is to help improve health by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, offering education on healthy eating, nutrition and breastfeeding, and making referrals to other services.

To find out if you or your children are eligible for the WIC Program, call for an appointment at your local WIC Office/Community Health Service Office. Offices can be found under the county listing in your phone book or on the Web site at

At the appointment you will be asked to provide family income information, proof of residency and identity, provide information about foods eaten, answer questions about past

and current health, have height and weight taken, have a finger stick blood test taken (except a baby up to 9 months of age), and visit with a health professional about nutrition education and health needs. If eligible, you will get food checks every month to buy foods at authorized grocery stores.

WIC is an equal opportunity program. More information about the program is available on the Department of Health Web site at doh/famhlth/wlc.htm.

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