Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Amber Skonsberg When you think of Rachel Bentaas the first thing that pops in your head would be her endless smile. She always seems to keep a positive attitude about anything that is thrown her way.

With a quote like "Everything happens for a reason," you can tell that she's had some hard times but she's never let them get the best of her.

Getting through the bumps and bruises of life while keeping a smile on your face isn't something you should ever do alone.

Not only is her mom, Bonnie, and her dad, Bruce always there for her. She also seeks help and comfort from her cousin, Keeley.

"She has taught me more than one can imagine and she has always supported me in all my choices," Bentaas said.

No wonder she can keep such a positive outlook on life when she has someone there always backing her up.

Although Bentaas can get help from her cousin she'll have to make her own decision on where she's going to live for the next part of her life.

She has decided to attend Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls to become a surgical technician. She'll be trained and educated to assist a doctor during surgery.

Although Bentaas is looking forward to college, she can't seem to get over that her days at Wakonda High School are almost gone.

"Wakonda High is a very special place and I'm privileged to graduate from here. Even though I'm excited to enter into my next phase of life I will never forget the memories," she said. "My advice to the younger students is that no matter how busy you are never staple your band pants!"

While attending Wakonda High School Rachel participated in basketball for three years, Teens-in-Action for three years, track for one year, band for four years, and volleyball for three years.

Always looking forward to her future, Bentaas still hasn't forgotten all the friendships and wonderful teachers that made her who she is and what she'll become.

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