Sheriff officers featured on trading cards

Sheriff officers featured on trading cards by Ally Eckert The Clay County Sheriff's office has started a new campaign with trading cards. The purpose of the 12-card series is to create an incentive for people to get to know the sheriff and deputy on a more personal level.

Eleven of the 12 cards have a picture of a member of the sheriff office. On the back they have a mini biography and a personal message or tip from each. The 12th card is the agency patch with a calendar on the back. Every card was paid for by one or two sponsors, several of which are from Wakonda.

"It will give kids a reason to approach the deputies while on duty. From that, our hope is that citizens will continue to find the deputies approachable and will come to us when they have even a minor concern," said Sheriff Andy Howe.

Some cards, though, may be easier to get than others. The reserve deputies' cards, those of the deputies who work a night shift and have limited contact with children, and the sheriff's are limited.

"I'd like to see the deputies passing the cards out to kids," Howe said.

So kids, don't be afraid to walk up and ask a deputy for their card.

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