Teachers nominated for ‘Who’s Who’

Teachers nominated for 'Who's Who' by Lindsay Nelson Teachers make a large impact on children's everyday lives. They do this expecting nothing in return except for their students to learn what they have taught them.

Three teachers at Wakonda recently were nominated for Who's Who Among America's Teachers, which is a way for students across America to repay their teachers for all of the wonderful lessons they have taught.

For students to nominate a teacher they must have been nominated themselves for Who's Who Among American High School Students and The National Dean's List.

Tod Bak, science teacher and network administrator at Wakonda, was nominated by Colin Eilts.

Stephanie Light, special ed director at Wakonda, was nominated by Jeanie Stockland.

Cheryl Knudson, student counselor at Wakonda, was nominated by Andrea Gregoire.

These three teachers will be included in the eighth edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

"I was very thrilled to receive this honor," Light said.

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