Twins born Feb. 28 at Sioux Valley Vermillion

Twins born Feb. 28 at Sioux Valley Vermillion The last time a set of twins were delivered naturally at Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital was in 1984.

That all changed recently when twins Mathias and Mara were born to parents Mark and Molly Loder.

Dr. Tom Olson and the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital OB nursing staff were prepared for the delivery of Vermillion's newest set of twins and were thrilled to welcome Mathias and six minutes later Mara Loder into the world on Saturday, Feb. 28.

Dr. Matthew Krell, pediatrician, was also on hand for the deliveries. Mathias, born at 2:57 p.m., weighed in at a healthy 6.04 pounds and 18 1/2 inches in length. Mara, born at 3:03 p.m., weighed 6.08 pounds and was 19 inches at birth. Molly enjoyed the comfort of one of the labor/delivery suites at Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital for the births.

"This was possible through cooperative co-management of the pregnancy with Dr. Paul Eastman. Dr. Matt Krell and the nursing and anesthesia staff were all involved at some time during the prenatal care, labor or delivery. I am grateful to all for their caring and assistance," said Dr. Olson.

Mark Loder, and big brother, Micah (age 2) are excited to have Molly, Mara and Mathias home and are adjusting to a much busier household.

Molly is the band instructor at Vermillion Middle School and Mark is a member of the Vermillion Police Department.

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