VHS band members perform well at contest

VHS band members perform well at contest Members of the VHS Symphonic Winds performed at the SDHSAA Region I Instrumental Music Contest at Vermillion High School on Wednesday, March 3.

Of the 40 events taken to contest, VHS received 30 division I ratings and 10 division II ratings for a 75 percent division I rating ratio for the day. Each event is rated on a division I, (superior performance) to a division V (poor performance) scale.

Solos receiving division ratings were: Jessica Leffers; clarinet, Laura Aga; vibraphone, Nelson Chang; violin, Lindsey Isaacson; snare drum, Jennie Bellis; trombone, Noelle Harden; oboe, Chris Moen; alto saxophone, Ellen Odson; trumpet, CJ Harden; flute, Keshav Arogyaswamy; flute.

Division II solos were: Nick Rasmussen; tuba, Amanda Yockey; euphonium, Clare Bucklin; trumpet, Sarah Anderson; flute, Georgia Gray-Lobe; alto saxophone.

Division I ensembles included: Flute Choir (Sarah Anderson, Keshav Arogyaswamy, Allison Beeman, Katie Cafruny, Jessica Carlier, Daria Erkina, Molly Green, CJ Harden, Lauryn Hower, Kaili Johnson, Jessica Peters, Renugan Raidoo, Kate Renner, Ashley Ruhaak, Greta Sjolie, Tristen Upward, Andrea Wingo);

Clarinet Choir: Lindsey Davies, Chelsea Gauer, Katarina Gombocz, Bobbi Greenfield, Shelli Knutson, Jessica Leffers, Sara Mayer, Joe Miller, Kaia Nelson, Annie Roche, McKinsey Weydert, Molly Woodard, Amanda Zalud;

Saxophone Choir: Paul Abourezk, Christine Berry, Stephanie Cowman, Ryan Eichelberg, Georgia Gray-Lobe, Britney Holmberg, Chris Moen, Lindsay Morecraft, Molly O'Connor, Ryan Powell, Anthony Rath, Brody Stone;

Oboe Duet: Noelle Harden, Hannah Pommersheim; Horn Duet: Cassie McBride, Ben Rogge; Woodwind Trio: Cafruny, Woodard, Pommersheim; Woodwind Quintet: Wingo, Leffers, Harden, Rogge, Davies; Flute Duet: Green, Carlier; Flute Duet: Renner, Wingo; Flute Duet: Anderson, Erkina; Clarinet Trio: Leffers, Knutson, Woodard; Trombone Quartet: Jennie Bellis, Dan Day, Jordan Heesch, Ariel Hofman; Percussion Group: Laura Aga, Paul Hammond, Anna Isaacson, Lindsey Isaacson, Stacey Joy, Angad Mathur, Ricky Meins, Charles Odson, Michelle Olson, Sarah Rasmussen, Mary Thompson;

Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble: Molly Hammond, Dustin Hayner, Jon Miller, Jennifer Paulson, Nick Rasmussen, Amanda Yockey;

Brass Quintet: Michelle Rydell, Ellen Odson, McBride, Bellis, Hammond; Saxophone Duet: Moen, Gray-Lobe;

Trumpet Duet: Rydell, Odson).

Division II ensembles included: Flute Duet (Sjolie, Ruhaak; Clarinet Duet: Knutson, Woodard; Flute Trio: Arogyaswamy, Harden, Raidoo; Flute Quartet: Wingo, Renner, Cafruney, Anderson;

Trumpet Choir: Kristina Blythe, Clare Bucklin, Andrea Lias, Molly Manning, Meagan O'Connor, Odson, Rydell).

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