WHS seniors receive scholarships

WHS seniors receive scholarships by Amber Skjonsberg While growing up you never really have many concerns or worries. Your parents would always be there to buy your food, clothes, and anything else you wanted, within reason.

But now as a senior your parents aren't going to always be there to help you out. So what are you going to do to help yourself out when your high school career ends?

Nikki Johnston, Kim Henriksen, and Emma Jensen are three seniors that are making their life after high school that much easier financially. They each are receiving college scholarships.

Johnston has accepted a basketball scholarship to attend Si Tanka University (formerly known as Huron University). Looking for a college that offered her an education in nursing and a place to continue her basketball career, Johnston decided upon Si Tanka after a March 12 visit with Coach Schweigert.

A full-tuition scholarship was offered and accepted last Friday. Johnston will be expected to be present at this summer's team camps and to participate in any strength and conditioning programs Coach Schweigert sets up for the team. She is excited to finally have this decision made and looks forward to playing next year's season as a Screaming Eagle in a maroon and black uniform.

Along with her parents' support Henriksen has also taken an athletic scholarship, except this Warriorette with be attending Si Tanka conference foe, Dakota State University in Madison. There she can continue playing basketball without worrying about having enough money to play while attending school.

"I really wanted to continue playing basketball," said Henriksen, "and by receiving this scholarship I can."

Henriksen didn't receive this scholarship by being interviewed or writing any essay; all she has to do is play the game that she's loved for so many years. She will start practicing for the Lady Trojans on Sept. 1 and has two games scheduled against Warriorette teammate Johnston next season. Come watch.

Jensen has a choice of accepting two scholarships, one is a three-fourths tuition scholarship, from University of Mary, and the other is the Dakota Corps scholarship, which is a full tuition at any state school. She had to write an essay on a given topic and be interviewed but Emma wasn't nervous during this process.

"I wasn't nervous or excited. Talking to the interviewer was like talking to an old friend. It was easy and comfortable," Jensen said.

The only stipulations of the two scholarships are the University of Mary's scholarship one must maintain a 2.5 grade point average. The Dakota Corps required having to keep a 2.8 grade point average and she'll have to sign an agreement saying that she'll stay in South Dakota for a maximum of four years.

Johnston, Henriksen and Jensen have all taken a big step in their life to come. They each have worked hard all through high school and it looks like it is finally paying off.

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