Advisory Brief

Advisory Brief by the Vermillion City Hall Vermillion City Hall Advisory Committee members Rich Braunstein, Dennis Zimmerman, Bob Fuller, Howard Willson, Lloyd Rowland, Jill LeCates, Nikki Peters, Neil Melby, Ted Muenster, Jim Green, Larry Brady and Jim Patrick held their April 26 meeting at city hall.

The committee heard from City Manager Jim Patrick about the process used to eliminate nine of 14 firms who submitted proposals to become a needs assessment consulting firm. A specific request from the city of Vermillion was sent to each potential candidate.

After self-elimination due to lack of municipal/school exposure or failure to meet the minimum criteria, the slate was brought down to five candidates. The committee agreed with the process used to narrow the field and did not request that any firms removed from the competition be invited to give a more detailed presentation.

Presentations were given by the five remaining firms to the Technical Review Committee consisting of the city manager, city engineer, assistant city manager and citizen committee members Jim Green and Bob Fuller. Monday night's City Hall Advisory Committee listened to reviews of these presentations by members of the technical committee. Opinions and overall consensus is to bring back three firms, Architects Inc., Koch Hazard and Baltzer, and Ruble, Mamura, Moss Brygger to make final presentations outlining their goals in assisting the City Hall Advisory Committee to bring forth a recommendation to the City Council on the future of Vermillion's City Hall.

The next meeting date in which all three firms will be making their presentations will be, Tuesday May 4 from 5 to 9 p.m. at city hall. Anyone interested in hearing the presentations are welcome to attend.

The committee's ultimate objective at the end of this process is to gain a clear understanding of what the community needs and wants in regard to city hall.

If you would like a copy of the full meeting minutes, please contact Jim Patrick at the city offices. We appreciate and encourage any feedback you may have regarding this issue.

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