All School Play hits the stage; debut is a success

All School Play hits the stage; debut is a success by Amber Skjonsberg After practicing for a month and a half the curtains opened for Faith County on April 22 for the public. With a little improvising and a lot of fun the students made it through their debut with a success.

The bleachers were full and everyone was eager to start the play. The whole night was filled with never ending laughter.

The play started off at the Faith County Fair where the audience meets Mildred, played by junior Bethany Parvin; and Faye, played by freshman Courtney Nelson.

Within the first act you have a wedding proposal and the death of the ex-first lady, Gladys, played by senior Emma Jensen. The audience also is clued into who has a big mouth, who is the town hussy and drunk, and who's dating whom.

Act two features Naomi (Emily Logue) and Luther's (Andy Jensen) long-awaited wedding. They are being wed by the town's priest, played by Patrick Morrison.

The bridesmaids were Mildred, Faye, Ruthann, and the pastor's wife, played by Adrianne Logue. The ceremony is hurried along when Violet (Jessica

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Peterson) goes into labor and interrupts the "I Dos" of the wedding.

The play was directed by USD theater student Sarah Loeber and Ally Eckert, student director. The play picks fun of living with bee-hive hairdos and backward traditions of Southern living.

The play was a great success and everyone is anxiously awaiting Wakonda High School's next theatrical production.

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