Boys open tennis season at Yankton Quad

Boys open tennis season at Yankton Quad by Jim Prosser The Tanager boys' tennis team fell to the Yankton Bucks April 4 at Yankton in the opening season quadrangular.

Team Scores: Yankton 9, Vermillion 0.

Singles: Dave Somsen (Y) def. Jack Higgins 8-6; Travis Ekeren (Y) def. Geng Wang 8 -1; Jordan Alton (Y) def. Dan Day 8-3; Jake Liudahl (Y) def. Steve Foltz 8-4; Tyler Dyesetter (Y) def. Eric Hesla 8-0; Tyler McVay (Y) def. Anthony Rath 8-0.

Doubles: Ekeren/Luidahl (Y) def. Higgins/Wang 8-1; Somsen/Alton (Y) def. Day/Foltz 8-3;

Dysetter/McVay (Y) def. Hesla/Rath 8-0.

The second match of the quadrangular pitted the Tanagers against Sioux City Heelan.

Team Scores: Heelan 6, Vermillion 3.

Singles: Tyler Brian Ratino (H) def. Jack Higgins 8-4; Geng Wang (V) def. Stephan Kuehl 8-1; John Jarmen (H) def. Dan Day 8-5; Dan Kuehl (H) def. Steve Foltz 8-0; Chris Toft (H) def. Eric Hesla 8-0; Sam Engel (H) def. Anthony Rath 82.

Doubles: Higgins/Wang (V) def. Ratino/S. Kuehl 8-3; Day/Foltz (V) def. Jarmen/Tott 8-6; D. Keuhl/Engel (H) def. Hesla/Rath 8-2.

Sioux City North was the opponent in the third Tanager match.

Team Scores: North 8, Vermillion 1.

Singles: Nabil Sorathia (N) def. Higgins 8-2; Zach VanBuskirk (N) def. Wang 8-0; Cameron Knepper (N) def. Day 8-1; Josh Miller (N) def. Foltz 8-0; Nishan Hainds (N) def. Hesla 8-3; Quinn Knepper (N) def. Rath 8-3.

Doubles: Sarathia/VanBuskirk def. Higgins/Wang 8-3; C. Knepper/Miller def. Day/Foltz 8-2; Hesla/Rath (V) def. Hainds/Q. Knepper 9-7.

"The Tanager boys played well," said Tanager tennis coach Tim Hedblom. "We had some close games that could have gone either way. This gave us a chance to see where improvement is needed. With the tough competition, our players played well, and it appears that

we have the potential for successful season."

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