Centerville ROCS plans fund raiser on April 26

Centerville ROCS plans fund raiser on April 26 The Centerville area ROCS Bus Committee met recently to plan its annual fund raiser. A spaghetti supper has been planned for April 26.

The event will be held at the Centerville Legion Hall and will run from 4 to 8 p.m. There will be matching funds from Turner County Thrivent Financial Chapter #30624.

The ROCS Bus Committee was formed several years ago to find a way to purchase a bus for the community in order to provide an alternate mode of transportation for anyone who may need it. The committee met its goal several years ago and has recently replaced the bus with newer more modern unit, complete with a wheelchair lift.

The bus capacity is 14 to 16, depending on whether there are one or two wheelchairs aboard. There is also a van, which is available as a back up unit or can be used in addition to the bus, or as transportation for smaller groups. The van will also accommodate a wheelchair, but does not have a lift. The expense of the bus depends on how many people are riding.

There are several bus drivers at this time, and anyone may use the bus, but it must be driven by one of the certified drivers.

The bus also helps keep the Centerville Ambulance in town, as it provides alternate transportation for persons who have out of town medical appointments but have no other means of getting to them.

The committee has done a fine job, and this second unit can only help make things go even better. To date, there have been trips taken to the Butterfly House and the Shrine Circus, as well as many others. There is talk of a trip to the Great Plains Zoo, the Tulip Festival and possibly the Christmas tree display at the state capitol.

For information regarding the bus service, you may contact Deb Squires at 563-2145 or the Centerville Good Samaritan Center at 563-2251.

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