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Conservation Corner by Chad Morrow Spring turkey seasons

Now that the majority of the snow geese have headed north it's time to look forward to the next rapidly approaching season, the spring turkey season. The archery turkey season opens on April 10 and runs through May 16 statewide, except for Custer State Park and the counties of Brown, Spink, Brooking west of I-29, Moody, Jerald and Turner.

Archery turkey tags are still available through paper application by mail or by applying online at www. The firearms turkey seasons for Clay and Union counties are divided up into two separate units and season dates which are listed below along with the number of tags that were issued.

Clay County

119A-19-Clay County � 26 Resident licenses issued for one male wild turkey (April 10-30).

199B-19-Clay County � 26 Resident licenses issued for one male wild turkey (May 1-16).

Union County

162A-19-Union County � 36 Resident licenses issued for one male wild turkey (April 10-30).

162B-19-Union County ��36 Resident license issued for One Male Wild Turkey (May 1-16).

The following are some basic safety considerations to utilize while turkey hunting:

1. Never identify a turkey by sound or movement. Always identify your target as a safe, legal target using the head, beard and strutting as the means of identification and remember hen turkeys do sometimes display strutting behavior.

2. Never wave, whistle or make turkey calls to alert other hunters of your presence. To reveal your presence to an approaching hunter shout and speak loudly, avoiding movement when doing so.

3. Never wear red, white, blue, or black when hunting turkeys.

4. Never try to hunt turkeys by sneaking up on them. Always try to call the turkey to you. Your chances of effectively sneaking up on a turkey are

very minimal and much more dangerous.

5. Never let excitement, nerves, or panic take control while doing any kind of hunting. Remember once you shoot, you can never call that shot back. Also, please take the time to read the regulations that accompanied your spring turkey tag before heading into the field.

For more information on the spring turkey seasons or to apply for a license you can visit the Game, Fish and Parks Web site at If anyone has any questions or concerns about upcoming seasons, regulations, etc, please don't hesitate to contact me at 677-6950. Again, good luck to everyone who was lucky enough to draw a spring turkey tag and please be safe out there.

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