Farmers Union leader to speak in Beresford

Farmers Union leader to speak in Beresford National Farmers Union President Dave Frederickson will visit Beresford April 3 for the Farmers Union Banquet, to be held at the Beresford VFW, with the social starting at 5:30 p.m.

The Farmers Union leader will discuss agricultural issues, including world trade and renewable energy, with local farmers and ranchers during his visit to the area. He will also stress the importance of producer involvement in public policy.

"The longer I am involved in the state and national policymaking process, the more I recognize not only the value of individuals working together, but also the power behind just one voice," Frederickson said. "Often times, farmers and ranchers are reluctant to take leadership roles. However, my father always said it was important to have one foot in the furrow and one foot in public policy. Farmers and ranchers must step to the plate to influence their own destinies."

Frederickson was re-elected to his second term as president of the family farm organization during the NFU's 102nd annual convention March 5-8. Prior to his election to the national office in 2002, Frederickson served for 11 years as president of the Minnesota Farmers Union.

From 1986 to 1992, Frederickson served in the Minnesota Senate. Frederickson served as vice-chairperson of the Taxes and Tax Laws Committee and vice-chairperson of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and was a chairperson of its Rural Development Subcommittee.

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