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FSA Notes by Keith Zanter GIS Maps

The Clay County Farm Service Agency office mailed two sets of maps to all owners and operators in February. The office is asking all producers to check if the field boundaries are in the correct location. If the field boundary is in the incorrect location, the office would like to correct the location now verses at acreage reporting time. Therefore is you have not reviewed your GIS maps, please take the time to check the line placement on the maps as soon as possible. By having the maps correct now, it will save you time at our office and at your crop insurance office at acreage reporting time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Direct and Counter-

Cyclical Program (DCP)

June 1, 2004, is the deadline to sign up for the 2004 DCP payment(s). All owner's and operator's signatures must be in our office by June 1. Signatures obtained after this date but before Sept. 30, 2004, will be considered late-filed and will be assessed a late-filed sign up fee of $100 per farm. Any producer who has not updated their contract should contact the office as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Managed Haying and

Grazing of CRP Acres

CRP participants may request authorization to hay or graze their CRP acres. Managed haying or grazing of CRP is authorized in one out of every three years after the cover is established. The CRP contract participants must sign a request at the FSA office for managed haying or grazing of designated acreages, and obtain a site-specific modified CRP conservation plan from NRCS. A 25 percent rental payment reduction shall apply to the acres hayed or grazed.

Haying is limited to one cutting and can be sold. Haying or grazing privileges may be leased out to an eligible livestock producer; however, that livestock producer may not then sublease the haying or grazing privileges. The dates are as follows:

* Graze the 2 months of March and April

* Graze the 4 months of August, September, October, and November

* Hay between August 1st to September 1st hay must be removed by November 15th

* Haying or grazing may not begin without prior FSA approval

Farmable Wetland Program

Producers may enroll eligible wetlands into the Farmable Wetland Program (FWP). Eligible land includes land that has been cropped three out of the crop years 1993 through 2002. The maximum size of any one wetland can be no more that 10 acres, however, no more than five acres of eligible wetland acres shall be eligible for payment per wetland. The maximum size of any associated buffer is the larger of three times the size of the wetland or an average of 150 surrounding the wetland.

Hydrology and vegetation must be restored to the maximum extend possible in the designated wetland. A vegetative buffer will need to be established surrounding the wetland. Producers will receive annual rental payments on the land enrolled under FWP.

The annual rental payment is the sum of the calculated soil rental rate and the applicable maintenance incentive rate. In Clay county, the annual FWP payment rates range from $74.40 to $124.80 per acre � plus $5 per acre for maintenance (weed control).

In addition, there is an additional practice incentive payment and a signing incentive payment.

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