Jaycees chapter returns to Wakonda

Jaycees chapter returns to Wakonda Age limits are a wonderful and difficult thing for Jaycees. Take the Wakonda Chapter, for instance.

Some of the current business�leaders in�the community are former Jaycees from the glory years � back when the chapter was cooking with gas.

But history and time has a way of catching up and the chapter went the way of disco and Latin.�

Until now.��

"We felt this was an excellent place to extend a chapter," said Derek Lochner, Greater Dakota Valley Jaycee president.�"Wakonda is a great place to be and the Jaycees fit: It's�about community and family."

Recruiters � basically Jaycees out of the North Sioux City area willing to devote an evening or two to the cause � had a great time visiting the community.�

"I thought�The Pit was an�outstanding place to recruit new members," said Paul Kaardal, GDV management vice president. "I invented a new method of chapter growth without ever leaving a barstool � just kidding."

The Jaycees currently have�20 members in the Wakonda�Chapter. The club is looking to grow and identify community needs.�

The whole community is invited to the first meeting at 7 p.m.�on�April 22 at the Wakonda School Library.�

If�you have any questions feel free to�give�Char Gullikson a call.

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