March of Dimes holds youth conference

March of Dimes holds youth conference by Ally Eckert Irene and Wakonda's Family and Consumer Science classes had the privilege to go to the Teens United for the Future at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls. The group of 21 girls all traveled together on Wednesday, March 10.

The program included several different speakers. The topics included Race Relations, AIDS, Drinking and Driving, Hands-On-Safety, and Kickboxing.

The girls each got to choose three sessions to go to that day.

The girls' two favorite speakers were Dr. Jamie C. Chambers, who presented the Race Relations session, and Nancy Scharenbroich, who spoke during the Drinking and Driving session.

Most of the girls say they will never forget what they learned during the Drinking and Driving session. Scharenbroich told the story of her son and his girlfriend who were killed by a drunk driver in 1998.

Most of the girls agreed that if they had the opportunity to go again, they would.

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