May 3-8 is Extension Week

May 3-8 is Extension Week May 3 to 8 has been designated as National Extension Week. At the state Extension convention at Huron last September, 75 years of Extension in the state was celebrated.

The first club in Clay County was started on Feb. 21, 1923 at the home of Mrs. B.K. Joeger. Susan Wilder, national nutrition specialist of the Extension Service at Brookings, attended and spoke to the women and helped to organize a club. Soon after, several clubs were started in the community.

Lessons on rural women's concerns were presented, as how to make better bread, nutritional meals, and how to preserve food. After the depression years, they were instructed on how to make home-made cheddar cheese and soap from waste fat.

The Extension clubs have always supported 4-H and its many programs. They have provided much leadership for 4-H over the years.

Anyone interested in joining the County Council Club may contact Virginia Delvaux at the 4-H Building, or call Elsa Englund, club president, at 356-2826.

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