Native American costumes on display

Native American costumes on display Native American Dance Costumes of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries is the exhibit now to be seen in Sletwold Hall of the W.H. Over Museum. The artifacts are primarily from the museum collection and were either purchased by the directors of the past, Wm. H. Over, West Hurt, or James Gillihan from the Pine Ridge Agency, from Rosebud, Lake Andes, etc., or given to the museum for safe holding and occasional display by some of the well known families of our state, Joseph Cournoyer, Lemoyne Millard, Calvin Cross, Richard Estee, and many others.

Nine mannequins and 25 prints, paintings, and photographs are dressed to tell the story of the traditional dress of our native people. This weekend, April 3 and 4, the Vermillion Pow Wow will be held in the high school. The current series of these dances began in 1967 when Dr. James Howard, then director of the W.H. Over Museum and professor of anthropology at USD, held a pow wow on campus in the Lakotah Room of Student Center.

The following year it was held in the museum building itself, and then later under the auspices of Mike Kelly, director of the museum, in the old physical education building which is still in the center of the campus.

Since then, the Tiyospaye Council has been responsible for it and the pow wow has grown tremendously. The exhibit illustrates what people wore and still do for the most part. They reflect primarily the costumes the Lakota and Dakota, both men and women.

In the photograph Prof. Jerome Kills Small, Winona Spotted Calf and Cary Thrall are talking about the fancy dance costume which was worn by Lemoyne Millard in 1973.

Following the exhibit Sletwold Hall will be used by two BFA students of the College of Fine Arts, Sande Reinhert and Amy Foltz. For the summer months the native costumes will be returned in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark Expedition. The Vermillion public is invited to visit each of these exhibits.

As usual, entrance is free of charge, though donations are welcome. Everyone is invited to join the Friends.

Membership in the museum give people the opportunity to help with the work of the museum, the museum gives people the opportunity to help with the work of the museum, to participate in board meetings, to receive the quarterly newsletter and a 10 percent discount in the gift shop.

The museum is open daily, Monday through Saturday, 9:30 to 5 p.m. and on Sunday 1 to 4:30 p.m. Call the museum, 677-5228 for further information.

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