Ofstehage is named USD March employee

Ofstehage is named USD March employee Glenda Ofstehage, senior secretary for the Office of Honors and Undergraduate Studies at The University of South Dakota, has been selected as the Career Service Employee of the Month for March. University of South Dakota President James W. Abbott presented the award on April 6 in the Old Main Honors Suite, Room 120.

Outstanding, friendly, and accommodating are just a few of the words and phrases used to describe Ofstehage. Dr. Karen Olmstead wrote, "Glenda is the epicenter of the Honors Program. Her position requires that she have some type of contact with every single undergraduate student on campus and there is no better person to be handed such a task."

Susan Hackemer added, "Glenda's general knowledge of the university is unparalleled. Not only does she know who to call about anything and how to get any and every form through the university system, but she also has a longstanding love for this campus. She speaks of her time here as a student with fondness and we truly think that her current dedication to service is an outgrowth of that positive experience."

Sarah Wittmuss wrote, "Glenda almost never takes a day off and has only missed work due to illness a handful of times during the last four years. On those rare occasions when she's absent the office just kind of sputters along. Even if there are no emergencies, it simply doesn't feel like things are going smoothly without her presence."

When asked about her job and being named the March Employee of the Month Ofstehage replied, "Working at the U often makes me feel like I'm 18 again! Many of my classes met in Old Main, BC (before condemnation). I was one of the 12 guinea pig students who participated in the first Honors Program offerings in 1967-68. I began dating my husband (of soon to be 35 years) during marching band practices when we lined up in front of Slagle to go to the practice field.

"Working with students on a daily basis and supporting the dedicated and talented staff of the Honors and IdEA Programs makes coming to work each day an adventure. I feel very privileged to receive this recognition for doing a job that I love," she said.

Ofstehage and her husband Bernard, who graduated from USD in 1968 with a bachelor of fine arts degree, both reside east of Vermillion. Ofstehage graduated from USD in 1971 with a bachelor of fine arts degree and has worked for USD since 1992 beginning in the Dental Hygiene Department.

The Ofstehages have five sons and one daughter, Steve, Dan, James, Peter, Andrew and Ellen, many of whom have been involved with USD.

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