Rotary sponsors child ID program

Rotary sponsors child ID program The Vermillion Rotary Club is sponsoring a child identification program through the school system called "Each Child Is One of a Kind."

"The goal is for kids to be 'smart not scared' and to provide the parents with the beginning information to develop their own identification kit to keep in the privacy of their home," said Rennae O'Connor, community services chair for the club.�

The project started with the Jacob Wetterling Foundation and is being co-sponsored by the Rotary Club. Jacob was�a 14-year-old living in Minnesota when he was abducted.

Nearly 2,400 children are reported missing in the U.S. each day. Research shows that over 40 percent of parents do not know the current height and weight of their children, nor do they have a current digital photo of their child that can be immediately sent to all law enforcement agencies.�

"The local Rotary club volunteers will complete the height, weight and digital photo pieces of the kit and send it home directly with the child that day.� The kit explains to parents how they can take the next step and get hair and saliva samples for a home DNA kit using simple home materials like a q-tip,"� said O'Connor.

Parents should have received a permission slip that came home with their child. If they are interested and did not receive one, they can call the principal of their school.

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