Rounds: USDA should use caution

Rounds: USDA should use caution Gov. Mike Rounds today said that the USDA should proceed with caution before opening the border to Canadian cattle.

"South Dakota's cattlemen produce the best beef available," said Gov. Rounds. "USDA's proposed rule is at best premature. It is important that we continue to rely on sound science to ensure that our beef industry remains safe and profitable. It is also important that we take into account the confidence of our trading partners as we consider the effect of the proposed rule."

The public comment period ended Wednesday on a proposed rule that would amend the regulations regarding the importation of animals and animal products from Canada. Dr. Sam Holland, S.D. State Veterinarian, submitted comments to USDA/APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service) on this issue, and Gov. Rounds concurs with Dr. Holland's comments.

The proposed rule would establish a BSE minimal risk region, would add Canada to that region, and would reopen the Canadian border to live cattle and beef. Currently, the U.S. allows imports of boxed beef from Canada, provided the meat comes from animals less than 30 months of age. However, no live cattle are currently allowed into the U.S. from Canada.

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