Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Lindsay Nelson "Don't ever underestimate yourself; you can do anything you put your mind to."

Nicole Elizabeth Mosberger keeps this quote very close to her heart. In fact, as a junior Nicole will be graduating this year with the 2004 seniors. She worked hard and accomplished all of her required credits to be able to graduate a year early.

When asked what helped Nicole through all of her days and inspired her to be who she is today, she answered, "God, he is the reason everything I do is possible."

Nicole has participated in two years of basketball, band and jazz band; and one year of golf, choir and One Act Play.

Even with all of her activities Nicole had plenty of time to hang out with her friends, shop and go to movies; that is what she will miss the most.

Nicole wouldn't change a thing about her high school experience. She enjoyed her time at Wakonda and will be missed greatly by her fellow friends and classmates when she leaves next year for Phoenix, AZ.

In Phoenix, Nicole will be pursuing a college education to become a pastor or a nurse at the Assembly of God College.

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