Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Lindsey Nelson "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes their way."

This is Emily Logue's favorite quote and sums up Emily's happy go lucky attitude.

Emily's humorous outlook on life, that got her and her classmates through many long days of school, will be missed greatly next year as Emily will be graduating and moving on to college at The University of South Dakota, where she plans on majoring in dental hygiene.

Emily was born on May 29, 1986 to proud parents Charlie and Cathy Logue and older sister Ashley Logue. Emily, also known as Em Log, will be attending USD with her 20-year-old sister Ashley.

Emily has had numerous memorable moments throughout high school and knows that is why she will miss every part of being in high school.

She does admit, however, that seeing all of her friends and chili crispos are what she will definitely miss the most.

Emily's most memorable moment was when she and fellow classmate and friend, Chelsa Bohlmann, were attempting to get candy out of the candy machine and the candy got stuck. The girls tried to shake the machine to get the candy to come out but it just wasn't working. They then proceeded to lift up the machine and drop it hoping that would work the candy loose, but that didn't work out either.

After all their trouble, Nick Peterson finally came along, tapped the glass and, go figure, the candy fell right down! At least nothing like that ever happened to Emily in front of her first crush as Wakonda, Mike Girard.

Throughout Emily's life she has had three very inspirational people who were always there for her.

Emily said, "My mom and dad are both very hard working and I really admire that. Also my sister, Ashley is very inspirational because she is very ambitious and kindhearted. She accomplishes everything she sets her mind to and always seems to be smiling."

Emily participated in volleyball four years; band four years; chorus three years; One-Act Play four years; All School Play four years; Teens-In-Action four years; Peer Helpers four years; and Student Council three years.

Emily has enjoyed high school, so much in fact that she wouldn't change a thing about her high school experience. She loved high school and will be greatly missed.

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