South Dakota communities have industry opportunities

South Dakota communities have industry opportunities Gov. Mike Rounds has announced that local governments and industrial development corporations can now apply for Industrial Park Grants through the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

"This program is a great means to assist towns in South Dakota who have a new industry coming to their community and need new or expanded access for that industry," said Gov. Rounds. "This grant is a wonderful opportunity to assist ambitious people in South Dakota."

Each year the state's Transportation Commission allocates $1 million in state funds to assist cities and towns that need new or expanded access to an industry coming into the community. The state provides 80 percent of the project cost on a reimbursement basis for roads located within an industrial park and 60 percent of the project costs on a reimbursement basis for roads that serve as access roads to industrial parks. State participation is limited to roads totaling one mile or less in length. The community is responsible for all right-of-way acquisitions, utility, design and construction costs.

Applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:

* The commitment for start of construction of the industrial or economic development facility is within six months of the date of commission approval; or

* Evidence that new construction or expansion of an industrial or economic development facility that meets all other program criteria has been documented within the past year and that previous grants have not been obtained based on the same justification.

* There is a minimum committed capital investment of at least five times the required state participation costs.

* The total employment for all facilities in the industrial park or development projects should be at least 50.

* A minimum of five new jobs will be created by the development.

Grant applications are available through the Office of Local Government Assistance in the Department of Transportation. For more information or a copy of the policy and application form, call (605) 773-4831 or visit the website at and click on "publications" and "forms."

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