South Dakota receives dollars to prevent alcohol-impaired driving

South Dakota receives dollars to prevent alcohol-impaired driving Gov. Mike Rounds has announced today that South Dakota has received a $217,175 incentive grant for alcohol-impaired driving prevention from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for fiscal year 2004.

"We are very pleased with the actions Governor Rounds, the legislature and the Office of Highway Safety have taken to address these serious problems in South Dakota," Public Safety Secretary Tom Dravland said.

Ninety-one individuals were killed in alcohol related crashes in 2002. This represents more than half of the total fatalities. In 2000 and 2001, 77 and 75 individuals were killed, respectively.

"We plan to implement our alcohol-impaired driving program as soon as possible," said Dravland, "and we are confident that future reductions in alcohol-related crashes, injuries and deaths will result from these programs."

Grant funds are awarded for meeting the requirements of a basic grant plus one supplemental grant criteria. South Dakota qualified for a programmatic basic grant because the state has an aggressive anti-drunk driving program, which includes:

* An underage drinking prevention program;

* A statewide traffic enforcement program;

* A program for drivers with high blood alcohol concentration;

* A young adult drinking and driving program; and

* A program for testing the blood alcohol level of drivers involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes.

The supplemental grant is to support the original grant awarded to South Dakota and to provide video equipment to law enforcement to detect drunk drivers.

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