South Dakotans involved in selecting quarter design

South Dakotans involved in selecting quarter design South Dakota must follow strict guidelines when designing its new quarter, but Gov. Mike Rounds has announced that South Dakotans will be involved in the final selection process.

"The design of the South Dakota quarter is important to many South Dakotans, and that is why they should be involved in the selection process," said Gov. Mike Rounds. "It represents us and will be in circulation for years to come. When

people see the South Dakota quarter, we want them to be reminded of our great state."

In October 2003, Gov. Rounds appointed a five-member South Dakota Quarter Advisory Committee made up of individuals in the tourism, banking, and economic development industries who were responsible for submitting narratives to the Mint.

"The advisory committee did a great job of taking more than 50 ideas and narrowing them down to five," Rounds said.

The committee selections included Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the American bison, the ringneck pheasant, and combinations of Mount Rushmore with the others. South Dakota must follow the United States Mint's coin design guidelines:

* South Dakota must develop a process to select its narratives.

* South Dakota must submit three to five written narratives 18-24 months prior to the release of the state coin. Each narrative must be emblematic and representative of South Dakota's citizens.

Mint artists prepare three to five actual drawings using the narrative words submitted.

* The drawings are delivered to the United States Mint, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and the U. S. Commission on Fine Arts for review and refinement.

* Following the Secretary of the Treasury's approval, the final designs are returned to South Dakota for recommendation of its favorite design.

"When we receive the approved designs from the Secretary of Treasury, our plan is to display them on the Internet and in local newspapers so we can take a public opinion poll," said Rounds. "This is a fair way for the public to be involved in their South Dakota quarter selection process."

The new South Dakota design will be released in the fall of 2006.

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