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Monday, April 12

(Easter Monday)

12 p.m. � Girls' Tanager match vs. West Central.

Tuesday, April 13

Senior men's fun golf league.

12 p.m. � Registration and lunch served (be there!).

1 p.m. � Shotgun start � don't be late!

Wednesday, April 14

Ladies day.

Thursday, April 15

Men's day.

Winter golfers

return for season

Thirty-five seniors enjoyed golf at The Bluffs on Tuesday, April 6. Some of our winter visitors returned from the south and it was good to see Pete Berglund, Cleland Cook and Dick Munkvold on the course.

We welcomed three new seniors this date, Turk Pilker, Cliff Deverell and Ross King. We hope you enjoyed the day and will return often.

We had two teams score par on this day, a fine score of 36 on the front nine. Using the tie-breaker handicap hole system, our winners are Mel Marcotte, Jack Stewart, Tim O'Connor and Louie Fostvedt. We congratulate these fine golfers.

Other prize winners were, at 36, David Bak, Ron Brown and Jim Prosser; at 37, Max Anderson, Lloyd Helseth and Bob Lund; at 38, Dave Zimmer, Cliff Deverell, Maurice Erickson and Ross King; at 40, Sid Davis, Cleland Cook and Cal Petersen, along with the team of Dave Raabe, Turk Pilker and Don Bensen.

Plan to enjoy a senior lunch, good conversation and competitive golf on a fine golf course, The Bluffs. Come early so teams can be selected and have us on the course for a 1 p.m. start.

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