USD students print money-making ideas

USD students print money-making ideas University of South Dakota Professor Dr. Bob Tosterud and his students recently released Volume II of Almost 500! Million Dollar Ideas for $9.95. Published by McGraw-Hill, the book is a result of a requirement that Dr. Tosterud gives his students for his entrepreneurship class. At the beginning of each class, Tosterud requires each student to come up with an idea for development.

At first the students had a hard time coming up with ideas, Dr. Tosterud said, "but as the course goes on, they get really good at it and those are the ideas that can be found in this book."

The book holds hundreds of great ideas, which if properly exploited, could catapult the U.S. economy into rapid growth and prosperity, according to Tosterud.

"Everything begins with an idea," Tosterud said. "Money alone won't get you anything without a great idea. There are literally billions of dollars waiting to be invested in the next great idea and I consider myself an explorer; I'm looking for the next great South Dakota business venture."

Student contributors were enthusiastic about Tosterud's efforts.

"I absolutely love Dr. Tosterud.�His class and ideas are great and very creative," said senior Chelsey Roberts of Pierre, one of the student contributors.

The ideas included in the book are very diverse, ranging to the 'Seinfeldian.' One idea is a cell phone shield that mutes the talker's voice so others are not distracted.

Another is to create a healthy beer, which will have zero calories, fat and carbohydrates. Vitamins would be enriched in the beer to be equivalent to a Centrum vitamin. Furthermore, the beer will taste good. And it should be really cheap.

Yet another idea is a finger-nail clipper that catches the nail clippings, much in the same way a pencil sharpener catches shavings. Many people hate it when a clipping gets launched into the air and then are unable to find it.

The book can be purchased at or a signed copy can be purchased at Barnes & Noble on The University of South Dakota campus by calling (605) 677-6291.

All proceeds from the sale of the books will go toward entrepreneurship scholarships at The University of South Dakota.

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