Wakonda Elementary announces declam contest winners

Wakonda Elementary announces declam contest winners by Nicole Mosberger Local declam winners were announced Tuesday, March 9 in grades 1-6 at Wakonda Elementary School. Declam, or oral interpretation, is when students learn a published creative writing and interpret it for their audience and judge.

According to Elementary Principal Kay Leuth, Wakonda School District has been involved in this program for over 40 years and it will continue to be a program that teaches appreciation for writing and speaking.

Declam is good for students because it teaches students how to get up in front of people and to be self confident. Declam also helps with memorization skills, which will be used throughout the rest of their lives.

Two winners in each category per grade were eligible to advance to the next level which was held in Parker on March 24. The categories included Rhyme, Story, Poetry, and Duet.

The following students are blue ribbon winners and advanced to Parker.

First Grade winners:

Kyle Larson, Poetry; Taylor Lyso,Poetry; Jessica Johnson, Story.

Second Grade Winners:

Josie Huber, Rhyme, Justin Ostrem, Rhyme; Alexis Logue, Story.

Third Grade Winners:

Mackenzie Huber, Story; Jake Vollmer, Story; Mariah Larson, Rhyme; Eva Barnhart, Rhyme.

Fourth Grade Winners:

Janae Johnson, Rhyme; Pearl Gaidelis, Rhyme.

Fifth Grade Winners:

Jordan Nelson, Poetry; Roxanne Polley, Duet; Dylan Halvorson, Duet.

Sixth Grade Winners:

Daniel Sokolowski, Poetry; Austin Westergaard, Story.

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