4-H materials target different learning styles

4-H materials target different learning styles A new generation of 4-H learning materials allows children with different learning styles to proceed at their own pace in studying topics they select themselves, a South Dakota State University specialist said.

SDSU Extension Youth Development/4-H Specialist Marilyn Rasmussen said youth development/4-H specialists in 43 states work together to produce learning programs for what is called the National 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System Inc.

Rasmussen said youth development/4-H professionals redesign each curriculum every five years to keep the materials up-to-date.

The hands-on, investigative programs help children explore their interest areas for themselves, Rasmussen said.

Anyone can explore the materials and order them online at http://www.n4hccs.org/.

There are more than 150 curriculum products available covering a vast range of topics, from outdoor adventures to aerospace, entrepreneurship to small engines.

"The materials are designed for 4-H clubs, but they're certainly not limited to that," Rasmussen said.

4-H Afterschool also makes extensive use of these curricula, and Rasmussen said other after-school programs, home-schoolers, and school enrichment programs for K-12 might also find the materials useful.

There are typically three guides in a program, each written for a different age level and progressively more difficult. A guide typically costs about $4 and youth can complete it individually at their own pace.

Typically there's a fourth guide for an adult or older teen working with a program, often with group activities.

The materials are among the resources many 4-H members use in pursuing interests and developing life skills, Rasmussen said. 4-Hers also can enter the guides as exhibits at local Achievement Days, county fairs, or the South Dakota State Fair.

Learn more about local 4-H programs by contacting your county Extension office.

, Rasmussen said.

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