Advisory Brief

Advisory Brief By Vermillion City Hall Advisory Committee Vermillion City Hall Advisory Committee members Rich Braunstein, Dennis Zimmerman, Bob Fuller, Howard Willson, Jill LeCates, Nikki Peters, Neil Melby, Ted Muenster, Jim Green, Larry Brady and Jim Patrick held their May 4 meeting at city hall. Lloyd Rowland was absent.

Phase II of our needs assessment consulting interviews was held Tuesday evening with the city advisory committee hearing from our final three candidates. Presentations were given by Koch Hazard and Baltzer of Sioux Falls, Architecture Inc of Sioux Falls and C.M.M.B. of Sioux City, on how they will assist the advisory committee.

We are seeking professional assistance to help us meet our goal, which is to fulfill a vision of excellence in creating an image of quality, consistency and productivity for our community's City Hall. The committee continues to emphasize its passion to include numerous opportunities for community input and feedback from our citizens.

Consensus of the committee was to forward a recommendation to the city council to accept a bid proposal to hire Cannon, Mamura, Moss & Brygger of Sioux City to assist us through this process.

The next meeting, which is scheduled for May 10 at 7 p.m. at city hall, will focus on our goals and mission as a committee, details of the consultant contract and initial planning for the first public forum. The public is welcome to attend.

If you would like a copy of the full meeting minutes, please contact Jim Patrick at the city offices. We appreciate and encourage any feedback you may have regarding this issue.

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