Corn utilization council funds SDSU research

Corn utilization council funds SDSU research The South Dakota Corn Utilization Council will fund 14 research projects totaling more than $386,000 at South Dakota State University, SDCUC research director Todd Anawski said.

Funding for the projects begins in July.

The South Dakota Corn Utilization Council supports corn-related research projects each year at SDSU.

"Special circumstances this year allowed additional funds available for projects about the energy value of distillers grains, which is an area we're focusing on," Anawski said. Distillers grains are a co-product of ethanol plants.

The grants will fund a total of $386,282 in corn-related SDSU research. Anawski said those funds come entirely from the 1-cent per bushel checkoff that farmers pay on corn sold through local elevators in South Dakota.

Here's a closer look at the 14 research projects the SDCUC is funding, and principal investigators. Many of the projects involve several other SDSU scientists.

* $25,000 to study precision deep tillage, principal investigator Dave Clay, Department of Plant Science.

* $34,000 to study dried distillers grains with solubles as a replacement for oilseed meal, principal investigator Cody Wright, Department of Animal and Range Sciences.

* $19,500 to study gasification technology, principal investigator Jim Julson, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Collaborating with SDSU scientists on the project is Director Robert Brown of Iowa State University's Office of Biorenewable Programs.

* $8,247 for weed control studies, principal investigator Leon Wrage, Plant Science.

* $8,500 for manure management studies, principal investigator Ron Gelderman, Plant Science.

* $44,245 to study energy digestibility in dried distillers grains with solubles, principal investigator Hans Stein, Animal and Range Sciences

* $56,600 for determination of net energy of distillers grains in finishing cattle, principal investigator Chad Mueller, Animal and Range Sciences.

* $17,500 for corn breeding and genetics, principal investigator Zeno Wicks, Plant Science.

* $38,140 for studying hydrology models for ag waterways in eastern South Dakota, principal investigator Todd Trooien, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.

* $7,500 to educate producers in using corn distillers grains in improving nutrition in livestock, principal investigator Trey Patterson.

* $19,300 for evaluating dried corn distillers in systems replacing hay, principal investigator Trey Patterson, Animal and Range Sciences.

* $27,750 to study corn distillers grains vs. forage in dairy diets, principal investigator Kenneth Kalscheur, Dairy Science.

* $30,000 to study the efficacy of dried distillers grains additions in improving sow performance, principal investigator Bob Thaler, Animal and Range Sciences.

* $50,000 for value-added uses of corn and dry-mill byproduct, principal investigator Bill Gibbons, Department of Biology/Microbiology.

Learn more about the SDCUC by visiting its Web site, Learn more about SDSU's agricultural research by visiting the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Web site,

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