Dos and don’ts for local number portability

Dos and don'ts for local number portability All wireless customers across the country � no matter where they live � will soon be able to switch their wireless service provider and still keep their wireless phone numbers. Many consumers began taking advantage of the new regulation last November when it went into effect in some parts of the country. Beginning May 24, all wireless customers nationwide will have this option available to them.

Verizon Wireless, operator of the nation's most reliable wireless network, is committed to easing the transition for consumers. The company offers the following tips on how to help ensure a seamless, hassle-free switch:

1. Don't cancel your current wireless service before switching. Your phone number must be active to switch.

2. Do write down all phone numbers and contact information stored in your phone before beginning the porting process ? just in case the data is not transferred.

3. Do have your existing wireless contract/billing information on hand. When beginning the transition process, whether over the phone or in a retail store, have a copy of your current contract and your mst recent bill to ensure important information is readily available.

4. Do review your current wireless contract beforehand to learn about any applicable early termination fees and other contractual requirements.

5. Do prepare for the unexpected ? just in case. While virtually the entire wireless industry is prepared for number porting, establish an alternate contact number � at home, work or with a friend or family member � as a way to be contacted or to contact others in case the port takes longer than anticipated.

6. Don't ask someone else, a friend or family member to switch your account for you. Only the authorized account holder can switch a number.

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