Gas hits record high prices in South Dakota

Gas hits record high prices in South Dakota The statewide average price of self-serve regular gasoline has hit record highs, and is expected to climb even higher as the Memorial Day holiday weekend � the official start of summer driving season � draws nearer.

As of May 11, the statewide average price for self-serve regular gasoline was $1.918 per gallon. This is more than 42 cents higher than during the same period one year ago, and about 15 cents higher than one month ago. The nationwide average price of self-serve unleaded gasoline is $1.926 May 11, also 42 cents higher than a year ago.

Cutbacks in OPEC oil production, persistent tight domestic inventories of crude oil, rising demand for gasoline and the annual switch to a variety of cleaner gasoline blends used during the summer months are pushing prices up, AAA said.

AAA's Gas Watcher's Guide provides motorists with 12 pages of helpful money and fuel-saving tips, including the following: (For a free copy of the guide, contact AAA at 1-800-222-4545.)

* Consolidate trips and errands.

* Slow down and maintain steady speeds. The faster a vehicle accelerates and travels, the more gas it burns.

* Routinely maintain your vehicle and keep tires properly inflated. This will help your vehicle achieve maximum fuel economy.

* Avoid extended idling.

* Avoid quick starts and sudden stops.

For more information, go to Click on "Gas Prices" for detailed information on all 50 state, and 250 metropolitan areas, including Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

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