Gov. Rounds awards $765,000 to South Dakota arts

Gov. Rounds awards $765,000 to South Dakota arts Gov. Mike Rounds is promoting South Dakota arts by awarding $765,000 in state Arts Council grants to 144 different artists, art organizations, schools, and art projects across the state. The budget figure also includes funding for 44 touring artists, 230 weeks of Artists in Schools & Communities residencies, and eight Solo Artists in Libraries summer library residencies.

"By nurturing the arts, our state will continue to advance economic development and will remain an inviting and interesting place for our citizens and our visitors," Gov. Rounds said.

The governor also noted that the FY 05 grant money he awarded this spring will generate more than $10 million in local matching funds and spending. Spring state Arts Council grants are awarded to individual artists, traditional arts apprenticeships, arts organizations, state-wide service organizations, schools, and a variety of art projects on the local level.

These awards help make projects such as the Black Hills Chamber Music Society and the South Dakota Art Museum possible, as well as assisting individual artists, community theatres, art councils, and community art projects across the state.

"We have a tremendous amount of interest in the arts in South Dakota, which is a key component of the state's 2010 Initiative," Gov. Rounds said. On a competitive basis, grants are awarded only to nonprofit organizations and to artists.

The South Dakota Arts Council received 170 requests for the FY 05 grants in March and April, in addition to requests for 230 weeks of AISC residencies. Statistics from the last two years are well ahead of figures from five years ago.

Application review panels consist of in-state and out-of-state professionals and South Dakota Arts Council members. Recommendations are based on the quality of the art and how the proposal will benefit the artist, the local community, and/or the state.

Panels make recommendations in the areas of dance, literature, media arts, music, multi-disciplinary, traditional/

folk arts, theater, and visual arts.

Funds for the grant budget come from the National Endowment for the Arts Partnership Grant to the Art Council and from the state Legislature. The South Dakota Arts Council is the governing board of the Office of Arts, a state agency within the Department of Tourism and State Development.

The council's mission is to provide grants and services to artists, art organizations, and schools throughout the state, with major funding from the state of South Dakota and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information about Arts Council programs, visit or call (605) 773-3131.

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