Lesson on gravity turns into a contest

Lesson on gravity turns into a contest by Nicole Mosberger We all know how important academics are, but what do students do in their few minutes of free time each day?

For Mrs. Jorgensen's second grade class, play time evolved into a competition and a discussion about gravity.

Students constructed a tower using base 10 blocks. Base 10 blocks are used to help the kids understand proportions in math. The blocks consist of three different sizes: hundreds, tens, and ones.

The second-graders were trying to see how tall the block tower could get before it fell. After standing on chairs and trying to defy gravity, one student, Jordan Jorgenson, finally built his tower 4.5 feet tall.

This amazed the children so much that they began to ask questions about what made the blocks fall and how do some stay up there. Sometimes play time becomes a real leasson.

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