Letters Thank you Vermillion

To the editor:

Nearly 250 students attended the 2004 Vermillion High School After-Prom Party held at the Coyote Student Center on the USD campus April 24. This party was a success due to the hard work and generous contribution of many individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We write this letter as an expression of our sincere gratitude to all who supported this event.

* Parents, businesses, and community members who supported the After-Prom event with their time, funds and prizes.

* Community members who attended the fund-raising events.

* USD and the CSC for the use of their facility. The help and guidance of the CSC staff was truly appreciated.

* After-Prom Committee chairs and members for their hard work and dedication at the fund raisers and at the party.

* A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cameron for their hard work and dedication to VHS and the After-Prom Party.

The community support was incredible. We are proud to live in a community such as ours that cares for and supports our young people.


After-Prom General Chairs

Steve and Sheila Lambert

Tom and Peggy Schaack

Chapman best choice for city

To the editor:

We are about to take the obligation of voting for members of our city council in Vermillion.

I am happy to support a man with the qualifications necessary to fill the position to help us move forward to a more positive and creative future.

As a successful businessman, Jere Chapman has proven to be a person able to face each situation with an open mind and fair decisions.

If you recall, the history of growth in Vermillion has been limited for too long. Jere's understanding of progress will be so important for the growth of Vermillion. He will work hard for economic development and job creation.

It seems to me in the judgement of the taxpayers of Vermillion that our current mayor and council have lost our trust. It's time for change!

Please join me in voting for Jere Chapman city councilman, Southeast Ward.

Nate Hurowitz


An advocate and guardian

To the editor:

The city of Vermillion is fortunate to have so many great candidates vying to serve us. Regardless of our personal choices at the ballot box they all warrant our appreciation and respect.

Local government by its very nature has the opportunity and responsibility to stay tuned to the minds and emotions of its constituency. No one can better find your spot on the dial

and provide you with a clear

channel than a listener and

communicator like Dan Christopherson. The human resources of our community are absolutely amazing but go under utilized by the notion that we need not be bothered beyond electing representatives to make decisions for us. Worthy visions of leadership benefit from the scrutiny and tweaking of the many.

As a lifelong Vermillionite and supporter of the university, I trust Dan Christopherson to be the advocate and guardian of our collective long term best interests.

His experience in community building and development will serve us well.

Perhaps most important is Dan Christoperson's private business experience where success is not predicated on obtaining a greater appropriation or raising the tax levy but by a consistent and genuine good customer relationship.

Les Parry

Former mayor of Vermillion 1976-1980

Congrats, grads

To the editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to salute the high school graduating Class of 2004. Congratulations!

All across South Dakota graduation ceremonies are taking place, and our young people are leaving the familiarity of high school and entering the next chapter of their lives. Our world is ever-changing, presenting new and unique challenges. I'm confident today's graduates will meet those challenges.

It is often said that people are our state's finest resource, and I couldn't agree more. As our graduates embark on their journey, we take pride in their accomplishments. We know that whatever they choose to do, they will be fine reflections on the many people in their community who took an interest in the education.

Again, congratulations to the Class of 2004!


Tom Daschle

United States Senate

Vote for Clark

To the editor:

While I was chairman of the Clay County Republican Party I had to remain neutral in any primary race. It would have been improper for me to comment or support any candidate during that time. But now that I have retired after many years serving my party, I want to talk about Judy Clark, a candidate for Senate whose hard work and principles I respect and endorse.

You know that in any organization, there are a few people who you can count on to get jobs done. Judy Clark is one of those people. When she says she'll do something, she does it.

Those of you who know Judy, know that she spends a lot of time serving our community on various boards and organizations. And she's a hands-on board member. She doesn't just collect titles. When she sees a problem, she actively works to solve it. For instance, Judy founded and still leads Vermillion Beautiful, the volunteer organization that plants about 6,000 flowers every year.

And from her experience of four years on the House Appropriations Committee, she knows how state government works, and the most practical way to solve a problem at the state level.

Judy actually enjoys attending meetings throughout District 17 � city councils, development groups, historical societies � to listen and learn. You don't have to wait until election time to see her in your community.

I hope you will join me in voting for Judy Clark on June 1. It would be a shame to waste her experience and dedication.


Midge Carlson


Vote for Dan

To the editor:

My name is Grant Sammelson. I am one of four former mayors of Vermillion who support Dan Christopherson for mayor. While I consider all the council candidates and both mayoral candidates my friends I am supporting Dan Christopherson for mayor because I feel his views for Vermillion's immediate and distant future are what we need as a community. Some of the reasons I support Dan are:

1. Dan believes leaders govern best by building a consensus before voting on issues that affect our community's future and our future as citizens.

2. Dan believes in a government where leaders and citizens treat each other with mutual civility and respect when sharing information and discussing issues.

3. Dan knows as citizens we work hard for our dollars and he will be prudent with future opportunities while still moving Vermillion forward as a fiscally sound community.

4. Dan is sharing his views with citizens at meet the mayoral candidate open houses for Dan on a one to one basis by telephone, e-mail and in person.

5. Dan's position statements are readily available in print and online at http://danformayor.com.

Please join me in voting Dan Christopherson for mayor June 1.


Grant Sammelson

Vermillion resident since birth

We need Herseth in DC

To the editor:

I wish to encourage your readers to vote on June 1 for Stephanie Herseth. Stephanie is smart, honest and open-minded � one in a million! She's positive, independent, able to work with both parties, and will be no one's rubber stamp. You need only to meet her in person to know what a fantastic candidate she is!

Herseth is extremely interested in issues of importance to South Dakotans. Having grown up on a small family farm/ranch in our state, she has specific goals in mind to help our agricultural economy: by working on legislation to ban meatpackers from owning livestock, to put in place country-of-origin-labeling (COOL), to enforce existing antitrust laws, and to promote the increase of producer-owned processing plants.

Stephanie also is strongly committed to developing our state's renewable energy industry, to reducing the cost of health care for all South Dakotans, to improving the benefits and medical care for our veterans, and to creating jobs and incentives to keep our young people in South Dakota.

Whether young or old, Democrat, Republican or Independent, we need Stephanie Herseth to represent us in the United States Congress!

Bonnie L. Wirt


Thank you, Stephanie Herseth

To the editor:

I've been reading a lot lately about how it is just fine to have a candidate like Larry Diedrich "pointing out the honest differences" between his and Stephanie Herseth's positions on the issues.

How anyone who has watched any election held in the last 20 years could possibly believe that when a candidate starts talking about his opponents supposed record, instead of his own, what he is doing is trying to educate the voters completely escapes me. When candidates start talking about

their opponent's record they are not trying to educate voters, they are trying to win votes by making their opponent look bad.

Think about it. Have you ever once heard any politician compare his record to his opponents in a way that makes the opponent look better than he does?

Politicians who talk about their opponent's record instead of their own never present the whole story, always select items that makes them look good, and frequently just flat out lie.

So thank you Stephanie Herseth. When you stick to presenting your own positive ideas you pay us a compliment. When Larry Diedrich resorts to

telling us what your positions supposedly are, he does not.

We all do a lot of complaining about what our government does (or doesn't do). But voter turnout is still embarrassingly low. It's time to change that. This June 1, we'll have a special election to choose our next congressperson. We have an opportunity to send the toughest, most intelligent, best informed young candidate to appear on the political scene in decades: Stephanie Herseth.

You can vote whether you are a registered Democrat, Republican, or Independent. You can even vote absentee before June 1. Let's send the message to the rest of the country that South Dakota cares about what our government does. You can't complain if you don't vote.

Teresa McDowell Johnson


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