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To the editor:

With our upcoming June 1 election, I am, as well as other community members of Vermillion, faced with the responsibility of not only voting, but also with the responsibility of being an informed voter. The concern I have at this time is that while I have had the opportunity to talk with and question each of my ward alderman candidates about motivation and platform, I have had no such opportunity with our candidates for mayor.

I wonder how many other residents of Vermillion are faced with the same dilemma of having to vote without adequate information. A casual event for introducing all of the candidates to Vermillion residents is being held at the Vermillion Library on May 12, however I do not believe such an informal, unstructured event is adequate for the type of informative discussion that is needed in order for a voter to make an informed choice for mayor in this upcoming election. Without some type of structured, public meeting in which the candidates for mayor can each voice their motivations, platform and answer the questions of community members, this election is reduced to a popularity contest.

And while "Most Popular" elections may have their place, I believe it is in the high school yearbook annuals, not city elections that have future impact on community development.

Please join me in requesting that our candidates for mayor participate in a structured, informative public event so that we are able to approach voting as informed community members.


Kate Stewart


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