Oklahoma Baptists refurbish local church

Oklahoma Baptists refurbish local church by Bethany Parvin J.L. Poff promised the Rev. Larry Parvin that he wasn't done with his work with the Bethel Baptist Church when he was here last summer doing work on the church's bathroom. He kept his promise; almost one year later he came back to do some more of his wonderful carpentry work for the church.

He gathered some men from Elk City's First Baptist Church in Oklahoma and brought three other men with him. The Elk City church provided the materials for a new "shower" for the church's kitchen.

Cecil Wilber, Jerry Canon, Perry Brown and Paul Hill helped Mr. Poff with their carpentry skills building cabinets in the church's basement kitchen. They also took out a wall that divided two classrooms to make a larger room.

Many thanks go to these men and the Beckum Mills Baptist Association for the giving of their time and fellowship.

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