Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary by Jay D. Vogt In keeping with the vision of the 2010 Initiative, Gov. M. Michael Rounds has declared May 3-9 as "Historic Preservation Week" in South Dakota, recognizing that our culture, heritage and history are kept alive through the preservation of our state's irreplaceable buildings, landscapes, sites, … Read Article


Letters Structured campaign event needed To the editor: With our upcoming June 1 election, I am, as well as other community members of Vermillion, faced with the responsibility of not only voting, but also with the responsibility of being an informed voter. The concern I have at this time is … Read Article

For the Record

For the Record April 16-22, 2004 Joshua L. Fritz, 911 E. Duke, #6, Vermillion: Driving with suspended (not revoked) license, $175 plus costs; Open alcoholic beverage container accessible in vehicle, costs. Michael Suing, 417 N. Pine St., Vermillion: Disorderly conduct, $53 plus costs. Megan Wells, 4396 Eagle Ave., Ireton, IA: … Read Article


Obituaries Leo J. Brammer Leo J. Brammer, who was born March 21, 1912 in Ravinia, died April 15, 2004 from pneumonia in Escondido, CA. Mr. Brammer and his wife, Nora, lived a short time in San Marcos, CA after moving there from Fillmore, CA.�He and Nora were bakers, having their … Read Article