Postal food drive nets 3,082 pounds of food

Postal food drive nets 3,082 pounds of food This past Saturday, you may have noticed a lot of bags hanging off of or near mailboxes. Those were the generous donations of the Clay County residents who were participating in the 12th annual Postal Food Drive.

All people had to do was leave a food donation near their mailbox and their carrier would pick it up at the time they made the regular delivery of the mail and the post office employees would get all of the food collected and delivered to the Vermillion Food Pantry, located at Trinity Lutheran Church.

According to Mary Berglin, who supervises the Food Pantry, the upcoming summer months are the time when food donations tend to decline, with vacations and peoples' busy summer schedules, so this Postal Food Drive is very important when supplies are dwindling. The employees of the Vermillion Post Office, along with the Food Pantry, sincerely thank all of those generous people who remembered to set out a donation this year.

The total number of households donating was down, but those who did donate gave very substantial amounts resulting in a hefty 3,082 pounds of food for the needy of Clay County. People are encouraged to bring donations to the Food Pantry any time of the year; it will always be accepted and it is always needed. Thank you for helping us stamp out hunger in our community.

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