QB Club Relay results

QB Club Relay results by Jim Prosser The Tanager varsity and sophomore track teams were entered against several area schools in the Yankton Quarterback Club Relays last Thursday, May 6. Participating teams were: Brandon Valley, Dakota Valley, Hanson Co., Huron, Lennox, Mitchell, O'Gorman, Vermillion, and Yankton.

Yankton won both the varsity and sophomore divisions. Vermillion's varsity placed sixth while the sophs ended up in ninth.

Individual VHS results for the events, in the order they were reported, were:

Boys varsity long jump � Janek Paneitz, 15th; varsity shot put � Kellen Cusick, third; Donny Stewart, fourth; discus � Jordan Anderson, sixth. Dashes: 100M � B.J. Campbell, fifth (state qualifying time 11.3 seconds); Distance runs: 800m � Chad Teigen, ninth; 1600m � Justin Manning, ninth; 3200m � J. Manning, seventh.

Relays: 4x100m � second (Campbell, Cusick, Tyler Brown, and Ben Oberle); 4x200m � First, time 1:33.37 � state qualifier (Campbell, Chad Teigen, Brown, Oberle); 4x400m � second time 3:32 � state qualifier (Brown Chad Teigen, Chris Teigen, Oberle); 1600m sprint medley � fourth (Panneitz, Maxwell Swanson, Caleb Berry, and Mitch Bierle).

Sophomores: Bobby Dykstra was second in the high jump and 10th in the long jump. Donny Stewart placed sixth in the discus.

An additional note: At the Howard Wood Relays, the Tanager medley team, consisting of Campbell, Oberle, Chad Teigen, and Justin Manning, qualified for state with a time of 3:45.31.

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