Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Ally Eckert "It's lonely at the top; but you eat better." Words of wisdom from Johnahue.

John Patrick Donahue is a quiet student who is always there with a funny remark. But this senior is also a serious student, participating in chorus, band, jazz band, and the all-school play for three years.

John will be leaving the halls of Wakonda to begin college at SDSU in the fall to study general agriculture and something else on the side. He left some good advice to the underclassmen:

"Just have fun; the four years go by really fast."

His most inspirational influence are his parents.

"They made me into the person I am today," he said.

This may be why he wouldn't change anything about his high school experience or his life.

John's most memorable moment � when he accidently started himself on fire while stick welding in shop class � captures his true fun-loving personality.

His favorite teacher moment was "when Mrs. Eggers took our class out to field trips and we always left Colin."

But what is Johnahue going to miss most about his time at Wakonda High School?

"Cutting class to roam the hallways." He'll probably deny saying that.

There is no denying that John Donahue will be a face missed in those hallways come next school year.

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