Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Amber Skjonsberg Quiet and shy is probably what comes to your mind when you see Jason Holoch but for those who've gotten to know him over this past school year, you know he's not really either of these things.

Coming to Wakonda from Vermillion, Jason had a big change to get used to � he had been in a class of about 100 kids and now is in a class of 13. "By having a smaller class, I got to know the kids a lot better," said Jason.

Not only has his class size changed, sports at Wakonda are different from Vermillion, too. Jason played basketball and tennis while attending Vermillion but here at Wakonda, Jason is participating in basketball, cross-country, and track-and-field.

Although Jason has only been playing sports in Wakonda for a year, he's willed to the younger classman the discipline to work hard in basketball so that they'll win districts next year and for the cross-country team to put on a lot of miles this summer so they can repeat the success they had this year. After graduation Jason plans on traveling to New York. "I want to see the world and I have to start somewhere," he said. Jason is excited to go and is leaving the worrying to his parents, Wakonda's kindergarten teacher June Holoch and her husband, Harold.

Jason's other after high school plans include visiting friends, going on a family trip, getting in better shape, and attending Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, IA for sports management.

Wishing he would have come to Wakonda sooner, Jason made up the lost time through all the hard work in playing the sports he's learned to love. Although he's not a true Wakodanian, he'll always have a place here at Wakonda.

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