Tanagers go 1-2 in Brookings tennis quadrangular

Tanagers go 1-2 in Brookings tennis quadrangular by Jim Prosser The quadrangular at Brookings on Saturday, May 1 involved the Tanager boys' tennis team vs. Brandon Valley, Brookings, and Milbank.

Coach Tim Hedblom indicated that the Milbank team had to leave early so was unavailable for its complete scheduled match.

First match team scores: BVHS � 6; VHS � 3.

Singles: Eric Rodenborn (BV) def. Jack Higgins (V) 8-4; Geng Wang (V) def. Tom Engebretson (BV) 8-6; Matt Hubbel (BV) def. Dan Day 8-4; Nathan Scheidel (V) def. Bryan Wehrkamp 8-2; Keshiv Arogyoswamy (V) def. Jon Blue 8-4; and Camden Netlestad (BV) def. Harsh Patel (V) 8-5.

Doubles: Rodenborn/Engebretson (BV) def. Higgins/Wang (V) 9-7; Hubbel/Wehrkamp (BV) def. Scheidel/Day (V) 9-8 (7-5); Dustin Eggert/Blake Klumberg (BV) def. Arogyoswamy/Patel 9-7.

Second match total team scores: BHS � 9; VHS � 0

Singles: B.J. Flynn (B) def. Higgins 8-0; Wade Kippley (B) def. Wang 8-2; Alex Kulsbeck (B) def. Day 8-0; Kyle Bender (B) def. Scheidel 8-2; Dan Stratton (B) def. Arogyoswamy 8-4; Dave Lieferman (B) def. Patel 8-2.

Doubles: Kippley/Flynn def. Higgins/Wang 7-5; Kulsbeck/Bender def. Scheidel/Day 8-6; Stratton/Lieferman def. Arogyoswamy/Patel 8-3.

Third match team scores: VHS � 9; MHS � 0

Singles: Jack Higgins (V) def. Casey Dahl (M) 8-5; Geng Wang (V) def. Zack Lambrechts (M) 8-3; Dan Day (V) def. Adam Hultqust (M) 8-0; Nathan Scheidel (V) def. Greg Whitrock (M) 8-0; Keshiv Arogyoswamy (V) def. Jeremy Hepper (M) 8-3; and Harsh Patel (V) def. Tyler Keller (M) 8-1.

Doubles: Higgins/Wang; Day/Scheidel; and Arogyoswamy/Patel (each pair won by forfeit).

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